monocon pretapped plugs

Pre tap plugs are used to stop the initial flush of slag at the onset of tapping. These plugs are inserted into the taphole from the outside of the vessel using an applicator pole prior to vessel charging.

The plugs will provide a temporary blockage of the taphole preventing the initial surge of slag but will disintegrate when steel becomes in contact with the plug allowing free flow of steel.

Normal practice is to insert the pre tap plugs manually using an applicator pole however Monocon have a number of alternative methods for pre tap insertion which are less arduous and safe for the operative. Our experience shows that this Monocon pre-tap plug solution can prevent around 15% of the slag carryover from the BOF vessel.

Monocon offer four main solutions for the application of pre-tap plugs, as shown below. Please contact our UK technical engineering team for further information on the Monocon solution.