Monocon observation camera 3The Monocon observation camera system is designed to complement our range of slag control machines and will important capture operational events, such as during the dart launching procedure. The camera is housed in a robust purpose built container to protect it against the arduous environment of a typical steel making plant.

In a dart launching application, the camera is positioned in a convenient safe position to view the inside of the BOF vessel. The Monocon camera does not operate 24/7. The camera start up and finish is initiated by the dart machine. A digital video recorder is used to capture each heat. The vessel angle is also embedded onto the video capture.

The captured footage can be used to view and analyse each heat and to visually see the dart launch routine and hit rate.This system will help improve plant operations, efficiency, steel quality and ultimately profitability.

Observation cameras can be provided as either a stand alone project or supplied as a solution-package with a Monocon dart machine. For further information on the Monocon Observation Camera range, please contact our UK Technical team.

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