Monocon furnace monocatorThe EAF Monocator is a robot which uses sophisticated computer control to target wear areas in the furnace wall and hearth. This offers a much safer and less labour intensive option than the conventional manual spraying. See our literature for further information. The system can be divided into three components:

  • The Monocator Robot: This is capable of moving the applicator from its parked position alongside the furnace, over the furnace wall into the furnace, and of adjusting its height to reach each position of the lining that requires maintenance.
  • Material Delivery: A material delivery system designed to provide a constant delivery of material to the applicator at up to 15 tonnes per hour for the wet side wall material and 30 tonnes per hour for the dry hearth material. The application is achieved by utilising a patented spinning disc technology that allows discriminate programmed patches to be applied anywhere in the furnace.
  • Control System: The control system is computer/P.L.C. controlled, housed in the EAF pulpit. The computer is programmed to control all movements of the applicator and to command the material delivery system.