Monocon automatic dart machine newsIn the first quarter of 2017, Monocon International Refractories was pleased to announce the receipt of a significant order to produce an customised automatic dart machine for a major steel manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic.

Monocon’s normal practice is to assume full responsibility for not only the performance and functionality of the dart machines but also the effectiveness of the darts, hence providing a total "slag control system”. For this order, Monocon had to adapt their automated dart machine to accept both the Monocon dart design and also the clients dart design, which was in-house manufactured. This involved working in close collaboration with the clients plant experts to develop an optimum slag control practice.

The modification to the Monocon Automatic Dart Machine was made in respect to the grip area and tail diameter. Cold tested factory acceptance trials were conducted in the Monocon workshop to ensure no deformation of the rebar stem due to mechanical movements of the machine.

Mark Payne, CEO of Monocon said, "The successful execution of this order helps to demonstrate how Monocon can adapt their innovative machines to suit their clients requirements". For further information, please click here or contact us.

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