• Steel Industry Engineered Solutions

    Steel Industry Engineered Solutions

    Welcome to Monocon International
    Refractories - Leader in refractory
    and steel making solutions.

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  • We are dedicated to clean metal

    We are dedicated to clean metal

    Industry leading standardised and
    custom made refractory solutions

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  • Product Innovation'Monocator Mobile'

    Product Innovation
    'Monocator Mobile'

    Ladle repair system for slag line,
    barrel, bottom and well block

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  • Nozzle Changer Mechanism

    Nozzle Changer Mechanism

    User friendly flow control device
    for use on Concast billet tundishes
    to control and shut off the flow of
    metal to each strand

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  • Dart Machine& RefractorySlag Control

    Dart Machine
    & Refractory
    Slag Control

    Automated & Conventional Dart Machines
    coupled with UK Dart Refactory Manufacturing

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