monocon vessel angle indicator systemBasic Oxygen Furnaces (BOF) slag is the main problem at all iron and steel making factories. Steel slag is a solid waste from steel production. Monocon can provide a range of complementary operational visual/detection systems as part of the complete slag control package. One such system is the Vessel Angle Indicator System.

The position of the BOF vessel is crucial to the successful launch of a slag dart. Accurate and repeatable vessel positioning equipment and software, (as shown to the right) is typically supplied with the Monocon slag control package to ensure effective operation. Monocon can also provide proven vessel angle indicator systems as a stand-alone project.

There are many different types of camera technologies on the market. During discussions, the experienced team at Monocon can advise the customer which is more appropriate camera for the vessel alignment system depending upon the level of sophistication required and budget available.

Please contact our UK technical team for further information and/or review our other slag detection camera systems and camera observation systems.