In 2006 IFGL signed an exclusive manufacture & marketing licence with Alcar International Ltd for a new generation of Tundish Tube Changer Systems with high performance Argon Injection Tundish Nozzles.

Alcar & Monocon have now jointly worked on several successful tube changer projects throughout the world including steel plants in India, Romania, Ukraine and Poland. In may cases, Monocon successfully converted the plants Tundish operations from a competitor patented system thereby reducing the plants operation costs making its products more profitable and/or market price competitive.
The Monocon Tube Changer Mechanism (TCM) can be offered in a standardised  swing (TCM-H1) or push-in (TCM-H2) design or as a customised configuration to suit the clients application. In addition Monocon has recently developed an unique electric power option to compliment the existing pneumatic and hydraulic power.