The Monocon Nozzle Changer Mechanism (NCM) is a flow control device for use on Concast billet tundishes to control and shut off the flow of metal to each strand. The NCM system provides Concast management with additional operational control and flexibility such as:

  • Extending tundish sequences by exchanging a worn or clogged metering nozzle with a new nozzle.
  • Alternative metering nozzle sizes are used to facilitate casting speed changes as required.
  • Using the ‘preloaded’ safety blank plate the metal stream can be shut off at the push of a button in an emergency situation.
  • Safety is of paramount importance and the Monocon NCM minimises operational risks and provides a much safer environment.
  • The safety ‘blank’ plate enables remote emergency shut off as required.
  • Hydraulic power for smooth and rapid response.