monocon monocator mobile

Monocon design, manufacture, install and commission a range of mobile and stationary, standardised and customised machines for vertical and horizontal ladle repair.

The “Monocator-Mobile“ has been designed using existing known “Monocon Technology” to provide an effective system for the maintenance and repair of horizontal steel making ladles. The ladles are repaired in a horizontal orientation and the system has been designed to reduce conventional refractory repair regimes by maintaining all areas of the ladle with a little and often and targeted approach to ladle lining refractory management. Please see our Monocator-Mobile literature for full information. 

The “Monocator-Mobile” offers radio controlled ladle lining repair to all areas in the ladle and is capable of hot lining maintenance. It considerably increase the life of the base Refractories and consists of the following components; “Monocator-Mobile” machine, Material Feed System, Control system, Water System and Radio Control Joystick.