Monocon MSTM installationIn steel making, the shroud tube creates a connection between the ladle and tundish of the continuous casting plant allowing molten metal to flow between the two. The Monocon Shroud Tube Manipulator (MSTM) guides this shroud tube to controlled the delivery of the liquid steel from the ladle into the tundish to improve the steel quality and increase process reliability.

The V1 Monocon Shroud Tube Manipulator (MSTM-V1) is a semi-automatic, safe and reliable method of positioning the ladle shroud under the collector nozzle, which has been developed to suit most steel plant applications. Monocon can supply a fully automatic Shroud Tube Manipulator (MSTM-V2).

Monocon is able to provide the best tailor made solution for each customer as each application is carefully considered by Monocon's technical team involving a site survey and cconsultation with the steel plant.