Activated Gel Casting (AGC)

• AGC is a significant new precast technology for the Monocon Group
• Its success is a combination of materials selection, bond activation and a unique manufacturing process
• AGC recipes are completely cement free
• AGC produces products with higher strength, thermal shock resistance, erosion/corrosion resistance when compared with equivalent conventional castables

The Benefits:

• Higher performance vs equivalent conventionally cast pieces
• Commercial savings vs conventional cast for same performance
• Flexible manufacture offering the capacity to cast larger refractory items to small complex shapes

Fact – All AGC Materials are Completely Cement Free – Why is this an advantage?

Conventional Castables

• Contain Cement
• Cement = de-hydration @ high temperature
• De-hydration = lime and additional porosity
• Additional porosity = weaker refractory bond

AGC Castables

• Cement Free
• No Cement = no de-hydration @ high temperature
• No de-hydration = no additional porosity
• No additional porosity = strong refractory bond

 AGC (CF) Castables

Comparison Graph – Cementitious Vs Cement Free Refractory – Apparent Porosity

 agc comparison