Monocon International Refractories Ltd. are a subsidiary of IFGL Refractories Ltd which is primarily dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and supply of innovative, high quality products to steelmakers all around the world. 

Located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the North of England, Monocon has a modern office, research and development centre, refractory manufacturing facility and engineering workshop/complex from which it delivers exceptional service to its direct customers and international network of branches/subsidiaries, agents and distributors.

The company began over four decades ago in 1973 by supplying the Steel and Metals industry with refractory products which are essential to the repair of the working linings of high powered electric arc furnaces. That foothold in the market proved to be the first step in establishing a relationship with steelmakers that has led to the development and introduction of many successful value-adding products and innovative equipment. This business has a vast range of experience and specialist knowledge in the Steel sector, with specific market leading competency in the following areas;